87% of Crohn’s Patients Claim Lean Meats Cause Less Pain

Magazines and health professionals have suggested limiting red meat in your diet for a long time. It’s also been discussed often in the IBD space that red meat can be tough to digest and should be avoid. However, I noticed people say steak doesn’t bother their digestion. So I had to run a survey.

82 of the 93 respondents said chicken and turkey caused less pain than red meats did. That equates to a whopping 87% – one of our least divided surveys ever.

Of the 13% that said the meats digested similar, one said the rarer the meat, the easier it was to digest. My guess is those that find them similar, they are in remission or closer to it.

Remember, even in remission, it’s important to stick with safe foods. Even thought your gut is stronger now, abusing it can return you to your old days and it will. It happens all the time. People with IBD for over 25 years end up in the ER and when questioned on their diet, they say “what diet?”

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