Top 5 Shake Supplements for Crohn’s Disease

Doctors often recommend a 2000 calorie diet to maintain an overall healthy body – that includes a healthy weight, organs acting as they should, etc. However, that number is different based on each person, so first you should calculate your own calorie intake by watching this video.

Calories are made of up one of the 3 macronutrients: protein, carbohydrates and fats. You need a balance of all 3. The ratio recommended normally for those who don’t participate in heavy physical activity is:

  • 10–35% from protein
  • 45–65% from carbs
  • 20–35% from fats

The problem with most pre-made shakes like Ensure is they are expensive, and not very mobile. They also include a ton of sugar. When you’re going to drink purely shakes for multiple days to get through a flare, you will need a lot of shakes. Each Ensure is 220 calories, meaning you’ll need at least 9 per day. However, you can make your own and only have 3 sizeable shakes – one for each meal.

In this article, I will show you the ingredients you need to make a proper shake that fulfills your daily nutrition goals.

To mix these, you should add water and/or an alternative milk source. My favorite is oat milk. For flavor, you can add a banana. Then blend it.

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For protein, my two favorite sources are from egg whites or yellow split peas. Eggs as a whole are fine when eating solid foods but if you eat more than half a dozen a day (which you need to to hit macro goals), you’re daily cholesterol will be something you need to watch.

Less Naked Pea – Vanilla Pea Protein

Now Sports Nutrition – Egg White Protein


For carbohydrates, sweet potatoes are my favorite source of complex carbs. For simple carbs, dextrose powder is a great option. To refresh your memory, complex and simple carbs are both fine but often complex carbs are favored because the energy they provide is extended throughout your day whereas simple carbs give you an instant energy boost, like candy does to a kid. One is not necessarily more healthy than the other per se. You can use either or both based on your needs.

Also note: you can easily add in fruits to your shakes when blending to add tasty carbs.

Now Sports Nutrition – Dextrose Powder

True Nutrition – Sweet Potato Powder


Fats give the most dense calories and are probably the nutrient with the most misunderstanding from the general public. I talk about fats more in other articles and on YouTube. Unsaturated fats are good, but some saturated fats are also good if it’s extracted, such as MCT. One of the best sources of fat is just that, MCT Oil, which often found in the health food aisle of your local grocery store.

The majority of saturated fat is long chain triglycerides which is bad. MCT is medium chain triglycerides and they are really only in coconut. However, in coconut oil, they are only a small percentage of the total saturated fats which is why coconut oil as a whole is not recommended. MCT also have health benefits associated with them. You can add the oil in it’s original form, oil, to your shakes or add the powder below. Both are fine.

Giant Sports International – MCT Oil Powder

Bonus: Total Meal Replacement

One of the strongest men in the world, Brian Shaw, uses this meal replacement in addition to some massive meals to help him stay healthy and strong. The only difference? He eats about 10x the amount you’ll be eating. Point being – this stuff works and it’s effective in staying healthy, full of energy and strong.

Image result for brian shaw pulling
Brian Shaw, one of the world’s strongest men

Redcon1 – MRE Real Whole Food – Chicken Protein, Salmon Protein, Oatmeal Powder & Dehydrated Sweet Potato

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